Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 15 - The aftermath

(posted by Stinkographer 1)

Yesterday's operation has successfully reinvigorated regions of oxygen-derpived flesh. Although the taste-bud-numbing blast of the giblet sack seems to have subsided, there is still an undeniable increase in scent even with the outdoor breeze. Using our previous 1-10 scale, I'd rate it a 7 in still air.

The plate has become even more filled with sand, and the ants are as lively as ever. All they need now is a flag to officially lay claim to their empire.

The contents of the giblet sack, previously moist and squishy, have quickly lost their mucus-like coating. Actually it's probably still there, but it has now dried and hardened. Low and behold, it seems that the giblets are beginning to clad the same leathery armor that has enveloped the rest of the chicken.

The great crevasse that my knife sliced into the beef may have formed the ant equivalent of the Grand Canyon, but that didn't slow them down. Blatantly ignoring safety standards, these bold mountaineers scaled down to the base of the abyss without the aid of ropes, harnesses, or locking carabiners. Ah, just imagine the incredible feats I could accomplish if I had six limbs...

Notice the stark contrast between the recently-uncovered section of pork and the part that's been exposed to the air for 15 days. To be honest, I'm not sure which looks worse.

Unfortunately, there was no sign of our worm-like friend writhing around in the pork area. Perhaps he (or she) has sought refuge beneath the punctured giblet sack. I'll remind Stinkographer 2 to check under there on his next excursion.

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Ms Mellymel's World said...

Make the ants a tiny flag! You could call it Tuftopia....and I am way to into this.

Viva la stinkymeat!

Stinkographer 2 said...

Let's get one thing straight right now, my friend: There is no way I'm moving, poking, or otherwise disturbing that giblet sack ever again. I'm just regaining my sense of smell from the last time we bothered it...

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