Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 20 - Lots of maggots!!!

(posted by Stinkographer 1)

I skipped merrily towards the meat today, giddily anticipating my first glimpse of the maggots.

My heart sank when I first viewed the meat. The smell did not disappoint--it was indeed as bad as Stinkographer 2 had described it. However, I had expected by now there would be plenty of maggots crawling in plain sight. Frustrated, I looked around and found a suitable stick. I was determined. I wanted to see maggots, and lots of them.

I knew things were about to get ugly, but I never saw this coming...

Wow. I repeat: Wow. Maggot central! I had no idea how many were actually living under there! Flipping the chicken exposed literally hundreds of them! Truly an incredible sight--and sound! The countless maggots crawling through the hen's belly made a very audible noise, one that I can only compare to the sound you hear when mixing tuna fish and mayonnaise together (you're going to remember this the next time you order tuna salad).

I held the game hen in place for a good minute to snap photos. During this time, the majority of maggots took shelter in the vast labyrinth of tunnels they had carved through the chicken's flesh. For a while, my sheer sense of joy at the sight of maggots helped me to ignore the horrendous stench I had released by exposing their living quarters. However, the longer the hen's underside was exposed to the outside air, the worse the smell became. The gentle outside breeze no longer helped. When the stench reached a 9.5 on our 1-10 scale, I was forced to momentarily abandon the meat. It was at this point that I decided to leave the hen right-side-up for the remainder of my observations.

Not surprisingly, the ground beef appears to have suffered a similar fate. The maggots are everywhere!

Even the plastic around the giblet sack appears to be a suitable home for the maggots. It's interesting... ants may be able to ward off any and all competition, but maggots appear to be capable of thriving in an increasingly hostile environment. Even one that the ants have declared no-mans-land.

To quote our anonymous friend from day 15, "I cannot imagine this experiment getting any more wonderful, and yet, I know it will."

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Ms Mellymel's World said...

In honor of day 20 and the serious arrival of maggots, I give you Stinkymeat poetry.

Oh glorious happy day
for the maggots have come to play.
Under the hen they squirm
throughout the stinkymeat you confirm.
Big, white wriggling pustules
have replaced the ants shuffles.
Now the stench is ripe.
Your experiment is more than just hype!
Stinkographers what will you do now?
Maybe you should take a bow!
But not so soon
for the larva to pupa you must groom.
It is to you I entreat...
Viva la stinkymeat!

Stinkymeat maggots
Wriggling under hen and beef
Why avoid the pork?

Stench and smell loom large
Maggots have grown finally
Stinkographers smile

Odd blog I did spot
Stinkymeat maggots promised
It did deliver

Tufts has odd students
Two guys groom their stinkymeat
Smells better than feet

Guilherme M said...

Looks amazing. Still checking out, day by day here from Brazil. I thought there would be no maggots because this is completely industrialized meat, if it was here in Brazil, it would have already created a new enviroment huahuahua. But maggots never let us down. They are there!! Keep rotting, it looks good!

Stinkymeat Tufts Chapter said...

Ms. Mellymel, you are truly out of your mind. And we love you for it!

Joel said...

Three words: Oreo Maggot Cheesecake

Megan said...

Congrats to the proud parents. ;)

Sy said...

Delightfully revolting!

Liz said...

Oh my good lord. I wonder whether the guy from a week or so ago who was offering to eat a spoonful of the mess would be interested in some maggot munching? I'm sure you could pep them up with a bit of deep frying and a sprinkle of Bacon Salt or similar. Mm.

Jed said...

This makes me very happy.

Kareem said...

Maggots? If you pay me enough, sure I'd eat the maggots. I agree with Stinkographer 2, they're probably more sanitary than the meat itself at this point. And besides, didn't they eat maggots on Fear Factor? If it was done on TV, I'm sure it's perfectly safe.

Kareem said...

Actually I think it was Stinkographer 1 who said that. Whatever, you're both equally insane.

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