Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 10 - Meat relocation

(posted by Stinkographer 2)

I detected a faint odor of rotting meat as I reached the top of the stairwell. As I entered suite's main hallway, the smell intensified. Apparently our adversaries were attempting to cross-ventilate the bathroom, as both of its doors had been propped wide open. However, now the meat was stinking up the entire suite!

Upon entering the stink room, I discovered one of the more amusing notes I've seen in my time. Read for yourself. My fellow stinkographer assures me that the Spanish is indeed an accurate translation:

I had to chuckle, but this was a serious matter: the sanctity of our plate was being threatened! Looking around, I noticed with great alarm that several ceiling tiles near the center of the room were out of place! Luckily the antagonists had failed to look in the correct area. The note suggests that they have given up for the time being and have opted to leave the dirty work for the OneSource cleaners.

I bolted back to our dorm and banged loudly on Stinkographer 1's door. At first he ignored me, but when I shouted to him that the meat was in danger he immediately let me in. After a brief discussion, we concluded that neither ourselves, nor our loyal fans, wanted to see this project come to an end just yet.

Hence for fear of losing the meat, and more importantly out of compassion for our fellow man, we have decided to relocate the plate. For those of you who may have had to live with the meat, we thank you in the name of science.

Stinkographer 1 beat me in rock-paper-scissors, so I was the unlucky one who had to carry the plate. We did so using this specially modified meat transportation container (and latex gloves). Making things difficult was the fact that most of yesterday's rancid water, hereafter referred to as "stinkjuice", was still present. I must admit, the stench has increased phenomenally since the addition of liquid to the plate. I had to let the stink clear after opening the stink chamber before I could remove the specimen.

This was the first time in nine days that we had the opportunity to view the meat without the assistance of a camera. The cat food sort of looks like cooked intestines in this photo... An interesting thought.

The chicken looks more and more like it's giving birth to the giblet sack, which incidentally contains something that looks like a fetus. There are several things wrong here. First, it's dead. It was dead when we got it. Second, chickens lay eggs. They do not give live birth. Third, supposing the chicken could give live birth, the sack enveloping the baby would not be made of plastic. But I'm no expert on the birthing habits of Cornish game hens.

Here's the meat at its new location, which we will do our best to keep undisclosed. It's now in the open air, which hopefully means we'll be getting insect visitors. Any arthropod action is acceptable, but we especially look forward to witnessing firsthand the dramatic effect of maggots.

After assuring that the meat was safe and sound, I made one final return to the derelict washroom. I removed our adversaries' note and replaced it with our own:

Judging from some of our recent comments, I think they read it...

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Anonymous said...

omg I had my suspicions that the smell might've been someone's idea of a sick joke, but this is ridiculous! I mean really, how do you find the time to DO something like this? And to think I was showering with that thing over my head! *shudders*

Anonymous said...

I first saw this on day 6 and forgot about until now and great to see its still going though you really should have used raw chicken breast fillets as they go off the quickest out of any meat!

Also the use of milk in your spray would have increased the foul smell.

keep it goin

Jimmy (from the UK)

Guilherme M said...

guys, this is amazing hahaha
I've been checking the posts since day 3. I'm sad you guys removed from the bathroom. And I'd love to see people reaction to smell.

Cheers from Brazil. Keep rotting!

Anonymous said...

My hallmates just showed me your website. I just wanted to let you know I think what you did was extremely immature. How about next time, before you do a "prank" like this, you think about what it's going to be like from your victim's perspective. You turned our bathroom into a biohazard, and it's highly likely that you attracted bugs to our hall. You should be ashamed.

Dan said...

^ Billie, I think you're being a bit over-dramatic. However, I must agree, you two "stinkographers" are sick mofos. Do you realize it got the point that when I took a shit, I couldn't even smell my own shit because your meat overwhelmed every other odor in that bathroom? I'm not saying I like to smell my own shit, but just about any fragrance is an improvement over that plate.

Kareem said...

I'm going to be honest. I think this entire site is fukin hilarious. 'course, it would've been infinitely better if it took place far far away from my "center of hygiene (or lack thereof)." lol.

Anonymous said...

oh man 'biohazard' talk about over-reacting!!

I'd watch it guys, with it being in America you might end up getting sued...anywhere else in the world and you wouldn't have to worry.

Clayton said...

I find this whole thing amusing and hilarious, and at the same time disturbing and foul.

Keep stickin it to the men who dare oppose you! FOR SCIENCE!

Stinkymeat Tufts Chapter said...

I'm glad to see that at least some of the guys living on the floor have seen the humor in our antics. I think, looking back on it some time from now, they all will...

And wow, it's great to know we're establishing a fan base all over the world! Brazil, the UK--I wonder where else people are reading from...

Anonymous said...

Switzerland here ;)

Anonymous said...

man i think you guys gave up too quickly. they may have never actually found the meat.

Ms Mellymel's World said...

Biohazard? Ah, that's giving this experiment too much credit....good as it is! : )

I'm sad you moved the stinkymeat. I really believe they wouldn't have found it. I mean, it stank more than some guys shit.

Long live stinkymeat! Viva el stinkymeat!

FYI: I'm in New Mexico.

Stinkymeat Tufts Chapter said...

Yes, the idea that the bathroom might have simply become unusable is certainly entertaining. However, as "JP" pointed out on Day 8, we don't want to breach the boundary between "mean-spirited yet relatively harmless", and... well... evil. Secretly, those guys are only "arch-enemies" in the sense that we're in the midst of an epic prank war... one that we've certainly gained the upper hand in for the time being :)

As we see it, the note they posted was something of a white flag. Thus, out of honor and respect for our opponents, regardless of the transgressions they may have committed, we opted to move the meat.

Besides, if you were forced to use that bathroom regularly like they did, trust me... by the end of today you'd have definitely called Facilities!

Anonymous said...

its too bad you guys had to kove it, but it will be interesting to see what happens when the maggots get in it =P btw here's shouting from (L'anse au Loup, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shout from Idaho, USA.

indigobluefish said...

I passed it on to some non-blogging friends of mine, and they all send back shouts. You now have readers:
Auf d' Nederlands (Holland)
In Oz mate (Australia)
YeeeeahSTINKYMEAT! (Texas)
And "oh dear lord..." (The UK x10000000)

Stinkymeat Tufts Chapter said...

It warms my heart to see global culture is still embracing our experiment almost a year after its completion :-)

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