Saturday, November 3, 2007

Day 11 - We have visitors!

(posted by Stinkographer 1)

Pouring rains and high winds swept across the northeast today, but the meat has remained safe and sound. Although the plate is indeed outside, it is in a covered, somewhat sheltered location. One thing's for sure: it was great to get an uninterrupted night's sleep. Now that the plate is away from the bathroom, the security risk is significantly lowered and we can take our pictures in broad daylight!

My first impression upon approaching the meat was one of disappointment: it doesn't smell nearly as bad in the outside air. In retrospect, perhaps it premature to pass judgment on an exceptional day like today, in which 40 mph winds were blasting just over the plate. I snapped my photos, gave the meat its daily drink, and returned home, slightly disheartened.

However, upon examining the pictures I was pleasantly surprised to see that we have our first visitors! I hadn't even notice them in person. Can you spot them? They're small, they're black, and they rhyme with "pants."

That's right, our dead meat is well on its way to becoming a living, breathing entity! If you look closely, our little friends seem to be chowing down on the bacon and the ground beef. I can't imagine they've ever been offered such a heavenly feast before. I hope they're grateful. I am curious to see how long it takes before the ants do any noticeable damage to the meat.

Admittedly, ants aren't nearly as interesting (or smelly) as maggots, but it's reassuring to know that some insects are taking interest in our generous offering.

Oh, for anyone who was wondering: the note we removed from our adversaries' bathroom is now mounted on the wall above Stinkographer 2's desk, a fitting memorial to the unending glory of Stinkymeat.

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Anonymous said...

still looking forward to those maggots =P

still here in Labrador, Canada!

Dan said...

You fellas better have hidden that plate well, because rest assured: if any of us find it, you'll wake up to the smell of 11-day-old stinky meat splattered all over your doors!!

Stinkymeat Tufts Chapter said...

Well at least we'd get the meat back that way...

Anonymous said...

eeeww, the Fancy Feast looks so nasty in that picture!

Kaz said...

I think it all looks pretty nasty, not just the cat food!

Kaz - Australia

Anonymous said...

you are sick sick peopole. but hilarius =)

Anonymous said...

you are sick sick people. but hilarious =)

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