Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 4 - Things start to get smelly

(posted by Stinkographer 1)

My accomplice's near-confrontation with the suite's indigenous peoples made me seriously consider wearing a ski mask on today's expedition. I finally elected not to, deciding that getting apprehended by Tufts Police would probably have a more negative impact on my career than any retaliation attempts our rivals might plot.

There is a somewhat faint but noticable scent above the shower, even with the ceiling tiles down. Upon lifting the tile, I was hit with a significantly stronger odor. The smell could perhaps best be described as wet bacon... wet bacon that had been sitting in the toilet for an hour. Certainly not any bacon I would ever eat.

As my compatriot pointed out, our photos from previous two days of photos have been a bit blurry. Today, with the additional illumination of my friend's flashlight, I was able to to take some pristine shots.

My lazy sidekick kept snapping photos from the same angle yesterday. I feel this is higly inadequate, and today I made sure to take multiple photos from different points of reference.

Notice closely the game hen in this picture. There appear to be some sort of white, threadlike objects clustered in various areas on top--some sort of wormlike parasite, perhaps? It's a bit premature to make this conclusion just yet... but here's hoping! Also, is it just me, or does the upper-left part of the chicken have a slight greenish hue?

As for the other meats, the lines fat in the bacon and pork appear to have acquired an unappealing, gelatinous texture. The ground beef has blackened on the outside. It doesn't look cooked per se, but more like it was used to sop up an oil spill. The cat food is showing some definite signs of degradation: it appears to have dried a bit on the top, but its gravy component seems to be meandering outward, underneath the surrounding meats.

Decided to take a few panoramic shots in order to gain a better knowledge of our incubation chamber. Lots of wires all over the place. Perhaps later on in the experiment I can cross two of them and send a current through the meat... though I'm a bit fearful that doing so would cause the ground beef to become alive and latch onto my face. Maybe I've played too many video games.

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Anonymous said...

Hey good luck with your experiment. Loved the original stinkymeat. Amazed at how durable hotdogs are. Don't get caught...rataliation could be swift and painful.

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