Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 2 - The meat has been planted!

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5 AM. My alarm rings. I stumble out of bed, muttering "what the hell was I thinking" to myself over and over again. My friend was supposed to grab the plate of meat from his fridge and join me outside, but he was nowhere to be found. I head back upstairs and knock on his door. I wait. I knock again. "Go away," he groans. I kick the door several times. Finally my compatriot stumbles over and opens the door. "I feel really sick. Take the meat, you'll have to do it without me." He adamantly denies tasting the cat food.

Great. Now I'm without a sentinel. I walk outside and down the dark and empty road, balancing the plate of raw meat in one palm, waiter-style. I enter the dorm and make my way up the stairs to the target location. I try hopelessly to think of what I'd say if somebody saw me. To my good fortune, it seemed that not even drunk people were awake at this time of night.

I enter the target bathroom. The automatic lights switch on when I open the door, giving me the eerie feeling that all of my actions may be getting recorded on video. I'll have to chance it. My objective is in sight. There's no turning back.

I scan the room and decide on the perfect ceiling tile to hold our experiment. Close enough to the shower head to get a steady dose of steam. Far enough from the shower vent to make the place stinky.

I get to work as quickly as possible. The ceiling tile made a loud creaking sound as I pushed it aside, but luckily my adversaries in the adjacent room seemed to neither hear nor care. I carefully lifted the plate onto the tile and slid it back into place.

I slid away a small corner tile, which gave me enough space to fit my hand and my camera over the plate. I blindly snapped about six shots, each one so off-center that only half of the plate was actually in the photo. At one point I accidentally brushed my left hand against the cat food, which imparted upon me an unpleasant coat of tender beef and liver gravy. After much effort, I finally got a decent picture.

The meat has been planted!!! The Tufts Stinkymeat Project has begun! Only time will tell how stinky our meat will get. Only time will tell how long it will take before they begin searching for the plate. Only time will tell if we'll get brutally murdered, should they ever discover it was us...

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Charlotte said...

Wow, you're brave to have kept that meat indoors...! I'd have had nightmares about insects falling on me when I'm in the shower from above...

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