Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 3 - A close encounter

(posted by Stinkographer 2)

***Stinky News Update: It is with great joy and reverence that we announce that we are now truly in the presence of Mahlon Smith! Indeed, just this morning we received a comment from Mahlon himself! Furthermore, it would seem that Mahlon, his friends, and his family are all enthusiastically awaiting the outcome of our little project! We certainly don't want to let them down, so without further ado, we present Day 3!***

Today's sojourn into the void was particularly enlightening as to the habits of the residents of this particular domicile. Upon entry to the center of hygiene (or lack thereof) I heard a shower running, indicating that we may have to do our daily check-ups a bit earlier than 5:00. Luckily there are two showers in this bathroom, and our foe had opted to use the one away from the meat. I pressed onward, knowing I had to be particularly stealthy. Thankfully my companion (the overly-anxious one who planted the meat) was not with me at the time, enabling maximum sneakiness.

The plate had remained undisturbed over its ceiling tile. As for the meat itself, little has changed. There is relatively little smell yet to speak of besides the gentle pleasant wafts of maple flavored bacon. Surprisingly, the cat food seems to present little to no odor, though it appears to to have liquefied slightly. The left end of the top bacon strip has curled slightly, probably due to drying. Also, the ground beef and pork chops appear to be darkening in color.

With my head still peering above the ceiling, it suddenly came to my attention that the shower had been shut off. I graciously eased the tile back in place, climbed down from the bench, and booked it. I heard the stall door open just as the bathroom door sealed itself behind me. No harm done.

It was to my great dismay that I discovered my photos had come out blurry. We have concluded it must be too dark for our camera to focus properly. We will utilize a flashlight starting tomorrow...

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