Saturday, December 1, 2007

Our Mission

"Here's hoping they're maggots!" ~ M. Smith
This blog is a tribute to the great Mahlon Smith. This man of science performed a simple experiment that has been known and loved by millions: the Stinkymeat Project.

In short, this guy took a plate of meat and placed it into an unwitting neighbor's backyard. Over the course of 20 days, he photo-documented the meat's evolution from edible protein to hazardous waste. And the glorious stench that accompanied it. Looking back on this, we came to realize that Mahlon's experiment had a profound effect on our childhoods. After all, the First Project began just as we were nearing the end of our elementary school years--a point in our lives in which we were still developing our own sense of humor. If not for the daily guidance of Mahlon Smith's witty posts, who knows if we would have ever achieved such a fondness for inappropriate jokes and cheeky shenanigans! We feel we owe him something.

Thus, we have set out to continue the saga within the hallow halls of our very own Tufts University in Medford, MA. However, this time the scientific analysis of Stinkymeat is going to be taken to the next level. While the previous experiments took place outdoors and had to withstand the forces of nature, our Stinkymeat plate is to be placed in a completely controlled environment. A perfect test chamber, if you will--one that is that is dark, moist, and poorly ventilated.

Yes, your worst suspicions are indeed correct: we will be conducting our experiment above a shower stall in a Tufts dorm. This particular shower is located in a building adjacent to our own, in a suite populated by our arch-enemies. In this way, we will not only be examining the rate of decay of various meats. We will also be testing the amount of time it takes before a group of unwitting residents try to seek out the source of an unbearable odor in their bathroom.

As we add posts on a daily basis, we encourage all of our readers to make comments and suggestions!

(Even if you think we have sick and twisted minds, we highly recommend reading Mahlon Smith's offical Stinkymeat website. Guaranteed to make you laugh.)

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Joel said...

What an adventure! Living vicariously through you guys is going to be worth every penny.

Full Disclosure: Ok, it actually cost me nothing.

Best of all, if there's trouble ahead I can just donate a couple of bucks to your legal fund and go on with my life. Good Luck.

Mahlon said...

Wow!! I'm honored to have influenced such obviously well rounded and decent individuals.

Strange side note: The original projects took place in Medford, OR. You're in Medford, MA. What's the deal with meat and Medfords? Perhaps that also requires some additional scientific observation...

I'm pleased to watch the science live on!

jdack said...

Wow. This brings back memories. I worked with Mahlon at an ISP when he did the original project.

Could've retired to Tahiti with the traffic that site got, had he put ads up.

Justin said...

Brother of Mahlon here.

My friends at the time did not believe me that I was the brother of the Stinkymeat guy. :)

I anxiously await the result of the Fancy Feast in particular.

Ms Mellymel's Headspace said...

Wow....stinky meat. I had never heard of the original Stinky Meat Experiment (sorry Mahlon), but I ran across this one randomly surfing the net. Way to Go guys! I wish I had thought of it!

Although I think you're missing a protein group...the egg. Or is an egg not considered meat? Anyway, I think you're next experiment should be with dairy products somehow. Just a suggestion.

Good luck w/ the experiment! I always find it is easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission to do most things in life. Here's to the legal fund growing! more thing.....GO Sox!!

Kellie said...

What sucks is they stinkymeat website doesn't exist anymore! *tear

I used to go back and reread that site every now and then. Gave me a good laugh. Long live Mahlon!

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